Leather tiles and floors - Wall paneling and flooring


We have combined an innovative idea with our leather manufacturing know-how and developed a high quality product - revolutionary and extremely durable.

Natural leather products have been a part of our society since the dawn of man.

We have created a solution to allow you to experience this ancient material in a completely new dimension. Easily installed leather tiles are an excellent choice to enhance floors and walls.

Our beautiful leather tiles, created by Mother Nature herself, will fill your interiors with elegance, harmony, and a unique sensual appeal.
inpelle leather tiles are warm and soft to the touch and they add a pleasant aroma to any room.

By preserving the natural, soft feeling of leather you can create emotionally charged living spaces with the atmosphere of exceptional surroundings. This is what we like to call leather passion!


Leather tiles - leather floors - wall paneling - flooring - floor mats for cars - leather for mats - cargo liner - cargo trunk
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