Leather tiles and floors - Wall paneling and flooring


Due to its highly flexible and modular installation system based on mounting elements, inpelle leather tiles are fast to install and easily to exchange.

Even the whole floor can be exchanged without any stress and within a short period of time.

Trouble free cleaning and easy maintenance is guaranteed by a special treatment of the leather surface.

The inpelle product, made in Italy, is certified and legally protected by a patent.


The main focus of inpelle’s leather flooring concept is on customized solutions in terms of:

• colours: any kind of colour can be reproduced

• textures: any kind of texture can be produced

• tile sizes: sizes range from 25 cm to 1 m

• leather thickness: leather thicknesses range from 1 mm to 1, 5 mm

• imprint, laser work and stitching

• foam application (e.g. boat sector) to obtain a soft leather tile

• combination with different materials: aluminium profiles or LEDs for example

• laying: possible on concrete slab or floating over an existing floor


Leather tiles - leather floors - wall paneling - flooring - floor mats for cars - leather for mats - cargo liner - cargo trunk
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