Leather floor mats for cars and cargo liner for trunks

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INPELLE produces strictly in Italy various leather goods, especially leather tiles for exclusive applications for interior design for flooring and wall paneling.
The leather floor mats are a novelty in car accessories, made with a top quality leather developed for automotive market.
The innovation of the genuine leather associated with the floor mats was born from the desire to make more hygienic and easy to clean an area of the car otherwise destined to accumulate dirt and dust that the air conditioning system are continuously circulating in the passenger compartment; the easy care of our leather (water and soap for cleaning, it is totally waterproof) and its resistance to dust which cannot penetrate it makes healthy the driving environment, greatly increasing the comfort.
In addition to the set of 4 mats for the car interior we have ever designed a special leather cover for trunks, another area often dirty and where market research shows the need for customers to have a clean area where lean the food shopping, clothes and whatever, but also for those who travels with an animal and still wants to keep up the cargo liner with a protection that retains the coat of animals.

Remove dust with a soft, dry cloth; possible stains can be removed easily with a sponge using water and neutral soap or cleansing milk.
It provides a specific cleaning kit for particular processes of care and protection of the leather.
Do not use abrasive or aggressive matters like solvents, stain removers, etc..
Dry the leather accurately after maintenance.


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